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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:


What is your filming style?

We do cinematic documentary style. 

How long have you been around?

Our company has been around for 3 years. Our editors and cinematographers have all been working for at least 4 years.


Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we normally require a 50% deposit, which is due upon signing the contract and reserves the wedding date. The balance is due on the day of the wedding.

I can't afford to pay the entire deposit all at once. What are my options?

Please contact us. We know that weddings are expensive, so we are flexible and would be happy to work something out. 


How long before we receive our photos or video?

Depending on how busy we are, it normally takes 4-8 weeks. But if you need it sooner, for an additional rush fee, we can have it finished sooner.


I have downtime between events on my wedding day. Will I be charged for that downtime?

Yes, we charge by the hour. 


What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time?

If you would like us to stay longer just let us know. For additional hours we charge $50 per hour. This will be added to your final payment invoice.


Who will my photographer or cinematographer be?

All of our wedding photographers and cinematographers are trained to stay consistent in style and quality. The owner of the company, Nathan Johnson, does the majority of weddings.


Do you do any other events?

Yes! Although, we primarily do weddings, we also do Birthdays, Parties, Headshots, Individual Portraits, Family Portraits, Newborn Shoots, Product Photography and Corporate Events


What type of camera/equipment do you use?

We shoot on Canon 6Ds, 7Ds, and the Sony A7s ii. And we always bring an extra cameras just in case.


We live out-of-town. Is it possible for our family/friends to meet with you instead?

Yes! We are happy to meet with anyone.

How do I set up an appointment to meet you in person and see some of your work?

Please contact us to set up an appointment.

How do I reserve you for my date?

After you sign the contract, we lock in the date and reserve it for you.

Do you have insurance?

Yes! Our company is fully insured.


Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we accept online payments through Paypal.


What is your refund policy?

The 50% deposit is nonrefundable. But you can cancel at any time and not have to pay the remaining balance.


If we change our wedding to a different date will we be able to use our deposit towards a future date?
Yes, you can change the date with no additional charge.

Are there travel fees?

We charge a $50 travel fee for weddings outside of Los Angeles. 

Do you offer any discounts on weekday weddings, Sunday weddings, or weddings during the offseason?

No we do not offer any discounts. 

Videography Questions:


Can I add another videographer to my package?

Yes! Of course!

What kind of cameras do you shoot on?

We shoot on HD DSLR cameras, like the 5D, 6D & 7D. And we always bring a backup camera just in case.

What kind of audio equipment do you use?

We use high quality onboard camera rode mics and H4n Zoom recorders to capture the ceremony and speeches. Upon request, we can also attach a small lav mic on the groom or the officiant.


Do you provides lights?

We always prefer natural lighting, but we do have flashes and LEDs lights we can use if needed.


Can I chose the music for my highlight film?

Yes and no. Our editors strive to find the best music that fits your film. But if you decide that our choices don’t work for you. We are happy to find another. Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, we cannot use pop songs. But we subscribe to Soundstripe which has an incredible library of hundreds of great songs and musical selections that can be licensed and used.


How do I get my film or pictures?

You will be emailed a downloadable Vimeo link with your final video and your pictures will be made available for download as well.


Can I get all the raw footage?

Yes! This is un-edited, unpolished and may contain shaky, poorly lit footage. This will capture a different feel of the day, bits of conversation, sounds, more of home video feel instead of a professional polished film. And we do reserve the right to take out any footage that we feel is inappropriate. 

Can I get extra DVDs?

DVDs are $20 each.

Photography Questions:

Can I get the raw pictures?

The raw pictures can be made available on request. 


Do you touch up all the images?

Yes, we touch up all of the final pictures that we send. 


What is the best time for pictures?

The best time for pictures is early morning or late afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

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